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Awesome event just gave me loads of food!

Spoiler warning for VV3. Two small pictures included.

Damn game blew up!

Okay, my fault. I thought I made a backup before upgrading to version 4, but when I went to get the files the stupid zip archive was empty. I hate Vista soooooooo much! Should have used WinRAR to zip it up, then this wouldn't have happened.

Then I tried an older backup but the game tells me it's corrupt.

So I'm starting over.

I guess it's not too bad, because I hadn't really had time to play and wasn't very far into the game.


I started my own community.

The Island of Isola : A Virtual Villagers Fan Community


I'm still working on sprucing it up, so if it looks empty, just ignore that.

An odd thing has just happened in my game.

This is in VV 3 : The Secret City. It made me laugh my butt off!

Isola : The Ice Age, chapter 1.

Isola : The Ice Age
by Tuna Puzzler

Chapter 1 : The Stranded

It's finished, and it works!

A lot of things were changed from the first version I posted previously, but mostly it's the same.

I even did a snow effect by editing the view screen image of the user-interface.

Isola : Deep Freeze

I got this great idea, and of course I had to do it!

Here it is...

Ice Age Isola

The Shipwrecked Six, chapter 1

The Shipwrecked Six
by Tuna Puzzler

Chapter 1 : The Shipwreck